Helping You Find Your Way

At this time, Dr. Hensley is offering teletherapy ONLY, via secure videoconference or phone. Dr. Hensley is unable to take new clients until January 2022.

Like so many of us, you may be struggling right now, and feeling alone with your pain. You may need information, emotional support, insight into past events and how they’re affecting the present, assistance in developing communication and/or coping skills, help with managing symptoms, and/or just a safe, affirming place to gain clarity and a sense of direction with a knowledgeable and caring therapist.

I provide psychotherapy to adult clients, both on an individual basis and within the context of significant relationships. I am committed to creating a welcoming and safe environment regardless of gender, sexual orientation, relationship style, or religious background. Please click on “ABOUT” for more information about me, or click on one of the other links above for more information about the services I offer.