Individual Therapy

Young Man At Balcony In Depression Suffering Emotional Crisis

If you’ve never seen a therapist, you may wonder what psychotherapy looks like in the session, and to a large extent, that’s up to you. We’ll meet for an initial session, where we’ll talk about the issues that have brought you to therapy, and come up with an initial treatment plan. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may do some individual work in conjunction with sessions with significant other(s) or family members, so you can have the emotional support and understanding that you need as you make your way.

Typically I’ll meet with individual clients for a 50-minute session every week or two, but we may arrange a different schedule depending on the nature of your concerns.

Throughout the therapy process, I can’t emphasize enough that this is an active collaboration. We’re in this together. We create therapy goals together, and we strategize together. If something isn’t working, we’ll adapt or change it. You’ll make much more progress if you do the following: (1) reflect on what we’ve been talking about in session; (2) complete any between-session work that we agreed upon; (3) be sure to let me know if something’s getting in the way of your progress, and we’ll try to problem-solve about it.